Own a Private Island for your Honeymoon

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A Whole Island to Yourself

Own an Island;  a new concept in travel industry where a Whole Island is given to a couple or to a family.

There are only two rooms in the whole island.Most of our food is from in and around the island, we source our food and fish from the local fisherman and we mostly provide catch of the day to our customers.


Uniqueness of the island


1) A Whole island to yourself

2) Perhaps the only island in the world where the river meets the lake and given to yourself .

3) Private Chef

4) Organic by nature, vegetables grown on the farm, food from in and around the island and get fresh catch from ourLocal fishermen.

5) The Island is neither too small nor too big; you can see water from anywhere.


Ideally for Couple or two known couples or 4 adults, we can also provide extra bed, which we charge, so total of 8 people can be stayed.

For Booking Contact  08086666799 or [email protected]

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